Online User Policy MY.F.F


Online User Policy

- A person will create only one account with the company not more than that.

- Member’s information and others relevant important data will be preserved carefully and will be monitored by IP address MAC address.

None can use or abuse that information are strongly prohibited.

- The person should have an email address and should also have a cell phone number.

- Every person has to submit the information including name with detailed address, mobile/phone no, scan copy of the photograph, - National Identification Number (NID), Passport No (if applicable) and bank information.

- Every member has to pay $50 to activate his/her account as minimum service charge called account activation fee.

- SMS services exeunt in respect of all type of verifications, transactions and others purchases.

- Changing the password by the member will be enabled all the time if he/she feels unsecured.

- Member would be able to transfer funds to others member with respective charge if required.

- The account holder has to inform the company to get clients services through proper communication channels to assist you with these changes.

- The account holder is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her identification, password, account details and related private information.

- The account holder has to accept these conditions to ensure account and other information securely as well as to prevent any kind of mischief.

- For buying products, the account holder has to provide other necessary relevant information;

- For the transaction, the account holder has to provide billing address, credit/debit card number and credit/debit card expiration date and/ or other payment instrument details.

- In case of fraudulent, suspicious and copying activities, the company may invalidate the account with its username and password without giving any reason;

- In this case, the company will not be liable for any losses suffered, caused, raised; but if the account holder wants, he/she can communicate via email with a real identity and subsequent answers; 

- Based on the satisfactory response, a holder can reopen or restart activities using his/her account by the prior approval of the company;

- Any kind of unethical activities like upload or use an unrelated object, software or material in relation to suspect that contains viruses, damaging components, malicious code or harmful components strongly prohibited;

- Any kind of attempt to gain unauthorized access to or otherwise interfere or disrupt other computer systems or networks connected to the Platform or Services also strongly prohibited;

Register Policy

A person can register only one time by creating account submitting necessary information and documents described in the user policy. The person will have the option to create account personally or by using referral system. But reference will be strongly preferred through which he/she will have the chance to get more benefits. After finishing the first stage of registration, a link has been sent to his/her email address. When the person will click the button/tab then his/her email address will be automatically verified. After that he/she can login to the website at any time as a member.

Deposit Policy

If any member wants to purchase any products, he/she has to deposit funds equivalent or more than the price of the intended products. If any member wants to purchase any services under any programs, he/she has to deposit funds and will get the benefits accordingly. 

Payment Policy

Member will receive payments as per the terms and conditions of the services and products through international VISA, Master Card. Gradually more options will be enabled for effective payment systems.

Online Shopping Policy

MY.F.F. will follow and comply with internationally accepted online shopping policy. In respect of product delivery services, charges will be incurred based on the services and place of the members. All delivery will be made through applicable courier/parcel services and 3-15 days will be required for in-country (US) delivery and 10-30 days for others countries throughout the world.

Refund Policy

In respect of the product, If any member unable to utilize his/her funds or not getting the appropriate delivery of the product he/she purchased from online shopping or any loss and damage happened for this specific product, the company will refund based on valid transaction documents.

In respect of service, if anyone wants to withdraw his/her funds from any services, the company will refund as per internationally standard policy of the services.